Boosters Honors Marching Band Students on Success

Boosters Honors Marching Band Students on Success

December 3, 2017 News & Announcements 0

The Barnesville Band Boosters has recently held the Annual Marching Band Banquet on Sunday, December 3, 2017. We want to thank everyone who joined us as we honored and showed our support to the Shamrock Marching Band Students and Band Program at the Annual Awards Banquet. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be in Marching Band, all of the students that were honored at the banquet deserve their awards based on the commitment they have achieved. Music fosters creativity, teaches effective communication, and provides basic tools for critical assessment of the world around us. It instills values of self-discipline, commitment, focus, teamwork, respect, and accomplishment.

“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education” – Plato.

All the following students has earned honors at this years band banquet:

1st Year Students – Aliyah Byrley, Lacee Carpenter, Alyssa Carter, Jeannie Chance, Serenity Graham, Brandon Henry, Julie Johnson, Madison Salmon, Anna Sells-Stewart, Dillon Stafford, and Zac Waldinger.

1st Year H.S. Students – Jayden Bassa, Vicki Li, Annalicia Simmons, and Isabella Street.

2nd Year Students – Codi Andrews, Dryden Bauman, Tessa Johnston, and Savanna Robinson.

2nd Year H.S. Students – Machayla Lucas, and Brinna Sampson.

3rd Year Students – Christian Carpenter, Georgia Davis-Bess, Hailey Tipton, and Danielle Stewart.

4th Year Students – Devin Blair, and Landon Johnston.

6th Year Students – Faith Coleman, and Samantha Drake.

The Barnesville Band Boosters wishes our three Seniors Good Luck in your future endeavors: Devin Blair, Faith Coleman, and Samantha Drake.

The Band Boosters would like to take the time to thank everyone who volunteered in our concession stands at the stadium. We would also like to thank Band Bonanza and the many other businesses who contribute to the band each year! But most of all we want to thank the parents, guardians, and friends for providing moral support to our youth of the band.

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